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    Hi Everyone! I am a former dance teacher, music lover, lawyer, and entreprenuer. I started Colurwheel because I had a strong passion towards the hollistic concept of mind, body, and spirit. I knew that when I maintained an active lifestyle I did better with relationships and work. When I cooked a meal that I loved or practiced the Marie Kondo methods, I was at peace. Colurwheel is a collective of these ideas and a community to promote health and wellness in connection to our mantras of "keep moving + stay balanced"! Follow me @olamidemichelle and join the tribe!



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    Colurwheel utilizes various fitness formats and inspiration such as dance, boxing, and unique ​HITT techniques to provide fun and effective exercises. Contact us for one on one training, group workouts, and event requests!

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    If you are passionate about building your community and growing your own physical fitness or artistic dreams, this is the perfect group for you. Colurwheel Creatives is for fellow artists of any kind, and Wheelhouse is dedicated to all the health and wellness professionals in the area!

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