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Apple Cider Vinegar

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One of the Top DIY Ingredients

Apple Cider Vinegar, also referred to as ACV by the cool kids, is one of my absolute favorite household ingredients. It is inexpensive, all natural, and can be found in any grocery store! ACV is known for so many health benefits and can also be used around the house or in your next salad dressing. Because the uses and benefits are so abundant, I’ve decided to focus on self-care and beauty.

You have probably heard about pH when referring to gut health or feminine hygiene, but have you looked into what pH really means? pH is the measure of hydrogen ion concentration or the activity of free hydrogen and hydroxyl in a solution. A pH level of 7 is considered neutral, and lower numbers mean the solution is more acidic. The higher the ph level, the more basic or alkaline. Our bodies are mostly alkaline but operate with different pH levels in different areas of the body. Sooo in English, your pH levels are really just a way to monitor internal "balance" or a healthy operating system. For example, the stomach is acidic in order to break down food. When it does not maintain the best acidic level, issues may arise.

So here is the fun part - ACV helps regulate your pH levels! I am no scientist, but I have definitely seen the results from head to toe. Check out my favorite ACV pH balancing uses:

Healthy Hair

ACV helps balance the pH of the hair. You have to make sure to dilute with water before applying the rinse – 2 to 4 tablespoons per cup of water should be a good start. ACV is NOT a substitute for shampoo, but the rinse helps restore the hair after the sometimes-negative effects of harsh hair care products. The vinegar aids in sealing the cuticles, exfoliating the scalp, and hydrating natural or curly hair. This results in shinier stronger hair from scalp to ends! Note that if you have finer or straighter hair, starting with 1 tablespoon of ACV is a good idea. Make sure to rinse thoroughly. The ACV rinse should be the last step before drying or regular styling. You can start to see and feel the difference after as little as one rinse!


ACV is great directly on the skin. Because of it’s balancing properties, it can aid many skin ailments such as sunburns and eczema. Soaking in a tub of ACV and your other favorite detox ingredients will have you feeling refreshed and renewed. Because ACV is a fungus fighter and natural exfoliant, it is a great natural substitute for over the counter medicinal creams. Regular use will keep the skin smooth, healthy, and potentially free of prior chronic issues.

ACV’s super pH balancing skills are also great for reducing yeast symptoms. 1 – 2 cups in a full tub of water will really work some magic. Some people worry that they will smell like ACV, but it is quite the opposite. ACV is actually a natural body odor fighter. Its smell dissipates rather quickly and will not linger on the body. If you really can’t take the natural vinegar scent, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or bath salts for more spa like vibes.

Add this to the bath bathtime mix!

Skin Care

Ok, so by this point you can gather that ACV will also help balance the pH levels for your face. You are probably also fascinated by how one product can adjust to benefit the entire body, and you should be – it’s magic! But remember it’s also about ratios. Bigger areas can handle more ACV and more sensitive areas need more diluted mixtures. Because the skin on your face is so delicate, a little goes a long way.

ACV contains alpha hydroxy acid which helps remove dead skin and reveal a brighter smoother complexion. Mix I part ACV to 3 parts water for a very simple toner. You can add more water for more sensitive skin. ACV helps improve the overall condition of your skin but is also great for acne. Although you might look at ACV as a very acidic product, its restorative properties make it ideal for every skin type!

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