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Coconut Oil: Use + Benefits

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Ok, so I don’t even like coconuts. Sure coconut shrimp is delicious, but the actual coconut is a bit difficult for me to enjoy. Coconut has been such a crazy trend as of recent, but even coconut water is a bit hard to swallow. Nonetheless, coconuts are quite delicious to others and even better; they serve so many health and beauty benefits!

The origin of coconuts and the coconut tree (Cocos nucifera) are still up for debate. We do know however, that millions of cultures have relied on coconuts and other palm tree family plants for more than just natural makeup remover. In fact one study referred to coconuts as:

The Swiss Army knife of the plant kingdom; in one neat package it provides a high-calorie food, potable water, fiber that can be spun into rope, and a hard shell that can be turned into charcoal. What's more, until it is needed for some other purpose it serves as a handy flotation device

African and Indian cultures have relied on these features as well as the medicinal properties of coconuts for centuries, and it is nice that we are finally catching on. For those that didn’t know, now you know. USE COCONUTS – Coconut oil, water, all of it. Put it on everything!

Incorporating a new ingredient into your daily life can be tough, but I've compiled my favorite uses for coconut. Check it out!

Skin Care

Coconut oil makes an amazing face and body moisturizer. It goes on smooth and absorbs quickly into the skin. It is safe enough to be applied to even the most sensitive skin, and its antibacterial nature can aid in calming rashes and ridding the skin of many bacterial infections. Besides keeping the skin sanitized, coconut oil has also been proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. So if you are looking for a great anti-aging product, coconut oil may be the best all in one treat! Coconut oil also contains Vitamin E and natural SPF, which makes it great for the outdoors. Slather it on morning or night. It’s a win win either way - unless you're allergic. Don't use if you're allergic.


Many oils actually lose their nutrients when cooked at high temperatures. Some oils, such as olive oil, are best when served at medium to low temps. Coconut oil can be cooked or fried at high temperatures without any concerns. It does not lose flavor or nutritional value when fried, so it makes for amazing oil in stir-fry or other hot dishes. The fatty acid combination can help improve cholesterol levels and help the body burn fat. Adding coconut to a fruit smoothie or as a butter spread alternative may be one of the easier steps to kick-start that summer body preparation.

Hair Treatments

Potassium, amongst other valuable elements can aid in reducing hair loss and enable growth. Coconut water contains high levels of potassium, which can be consumed but also used to hydrate the hair. Using coconut water as a hair rinse or scalp treatment (which you do actually rinse off) can help strengthen the hair and add natural shine. Coconut oil is one of the only oils that the hair can really absorb. This is why other oils seem to just sit on top of your hair or make your hair feel greasy and heavy. Use coconut oil directly on the scalp, as a hot oil treatment, as an overnight hair mask, or for daily styling. Use a little or a lot, it really just depends on your hair texture and styling needs.


This one is for the ladies and keeping a certain region in tip top shape. Pure virgin coconut oil contains high levels of lauric, capric, and caprylic acid. These possess powerful antiviral and anti-fungal properties. Using coconut oil to soothe common skin irritations or high levels of yeast can aid in keeping your lady parts healthy. Some suggest that because coconut oil fights bacteria so well, women should refrain from over zealous use as it may result in change in pH levels. Of course everyone is different - so do your research! There aren’t any known harms and the antioxidant nature of coconut oil makes it pretty harmless for total body use. Maintaining a healthy diet, regular visits to the gyno, and keeping bad bacteria out are your best bet. Coconut is just a potential bonus!

Four simple ways to incorporate this magical fruit into your daily regimen and diet. Of course you can also just eat coconuts, but we already I know how I feel about that!

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