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Stress Management

Self-Care for Working Professionals

Natosha Gailes

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5:00 AM – Workout

8:00 AM – Traffic Jam

10:00 AM – Staff Meeting

1:00 PM – Lunch at Desk

4:00 PM – Another Meeting

5:00 PM – Traffic Jam

Does your day seem to go something like this? Most of the time we don’t notice it, but every moment of the day is filled with some form of tension or stress. The amount of stress your body endures daily can actually be very dangerous.

So what exactly is stress? Stress is a feeling your body experiences when faced with emotional or physical tension. Unmanaged, stress can lead to panic attacks and even Anxiety Disorder. The good news is – because stress is a feeling; we are able to control it! Here are some tips and simple reminders to help you control your stress levels and prevent burnout!

Proper Sleep/Nutrition. In this new Entrepreneurship Age where a large percentage of the population is not working a traditional job, long days are the new norm. With those long days we tend to slack off on our self-care in order to complete a project or meet a deadline. Getting enough sleep along with a healthy diet allows your body to replenish and renew itself daily for optimum performance. Don't neglect the importance of an adult bedtime or skip meals throughout the day! If you are running low on time to cook dinner or want to invest in bringing your lunch, consider trying a meal prep service. Sometimeatarian is a vegan mobile food service company based in Atlanta, GA. Check them out at the link below!

Meditation. Taking time to relax your body is essential in reducing stress. Whether you listen to music or take a moment to sit in a quiet room, meditation can help reduce those emotional and/or physical feelings of tension. Deep breathing exercises and calming activities, such as Yoga or Tai Chi are also great for starting or ending your day.

Get Outside! Being one with nature has been proven to have a calming effect on one’s mental health. Remember that carefree feeling you had when you played outside as a kid? Imagine the sound of birds chirping in the morning, the fresh air blowing around you, or the smell of fresh flowers. Being outside triggers endorphins that affect all five of your senses, therefore creating a feeling of peace and euphoria. So step out of the office, step away from the tension at the desk and take your laptop outside, or make time for self-care with an evening walk to debrief from your day.

Journaling. Nothing creates more stress than jumbled thoughts. Transferring those thoughts that create worry or mental tension from your mind to paper allows you to free up space in your mind. Journaling in the traditional sense can be difficult for some, but there are other effective forms of “journaling” including: poetry, art, and even virtual apps that allow you to release your thoughts.

Colurwheel creator especially loves listening to a podcast and jotting down powerful points or as Oprah would say, "tweetable moments". Super Soul Conversations is the perfect podcast for relatable stories, powerful motivation, and inspiration to journal and reflect.

Utilize your Support System. Having and maintaining a strong support system creates balance in your life and gives you an outlet to release feelings of tension and worry with people you trust. Without an outlet, suppressed stress can be difficult to manage and lead to panic attacks or other more severe issues. Family is a great start, however, try expanding your support system beyond just family. Other strong support systems include co-workers, friends, therapists or support groups.

The month of May is designated for Mental Health Awareness. Take time this month to identify your stressors and learn what tips work best for you. If you take time to reduce your stress daily, you won’t have to put so much pressure on your weekend to be your escape; every day can be easy like Sunday morning!


 Natosha Gailes is a licensed social worker and therapist in the Atlanta metro area. Follow on instagram @YourFavoriteTherapist_

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